Infinitycrowds offers you several advanced features

Fast offers builder

You don’t have to worry about a thing – your offer is a few clicks away! We pull all the information from your product pages and produce conversion upsell pages and special offer coupons with the click of a button.

High Conversion Funnel

Once a customer purchases an item on your site they will get a one-hour limited time offer that they’ll be able to choose from. The combination of urgency, a personal discount on items that will interest the buyer, a design that encourages engagement, and a customer who is already in a buying mode will produce a high conversion rate funnel and increase in sales.

Fully Integrated PayPal Checkout

Infinitycrowds’ system works without you having to worry about enabling PayPal Reference transactions.

Multiple Offers

After their initial buy, each customer is presented with 5-10 coupons to choose from. The amount of offers increases the chance of making an upsell and gives a fast statistical indication of the attractiveness and relevance of the offer you’ve decided to set up.

Offers are represented to customers in the confirmation email

To increase the likelihood of your customers upselling, Infinitycrowds automatically synchronizes with your WooCommerce’s confirmation email and sends your offers in the order confirmation email in addition to the thank you page.

Direct Access to Your Upsell Reports and Statistics

We give you direct access to our reports so that you can know exactly how much money you made using Infinitycrowds as well as how well each upsell you made performed. By reviewing your reports, you’ll be able to add or edit current offers and increase your sales.

Option to Customize Your Upsell Rules

Even though our AI tool knows which offers will suit each customer the best, you can always manually set up rules to trigger the recipient of each offer based on the products he or she did or didn’t purchase.