Best Upsell Solution

A Smart AI-Based Upsell Plugin That Automates Most of the Work for You!

Unlike other existing upsell plugin solutions where companies have to guess which offer suits each customer and manually build complex condition processes for every type of customer, our AI-based solution automatically determines which offers best suits your clients.

We can tell which items will appeal to which clients so that all you have to do is set up as many offers in the system and we will do the rest.

Real Personalization = Real Results

We can all agree that every customer has different behavior patterns. Infinitycrowds takes into account the customer’s buying patterns and all the data that was collected on that specific customer. This includes the products the customer has purchased or was interested in, the “journey” they went through while browsing the site, etc. All of these can determine which offers would best suit a particular customer, creating a higher conversion rate that will only improve over time, maximizing your earnings.

We Engage with Your Customers on Different Levels

We don’t just offer special deals on our “order confirmation” page but we also engage with customers right after they’ve made a purchase through additional channels, including email, their order page, home page and soon by text message. By doing so and presenting the customers with our variety of offers, we increase our chances of making an upsell.

Don’t Lose Sales

Pre-purchase upsell can confuse your potential customer and make you lose a sale. On the other hand, our upsell offers are only presented to the customer after the completion of a purchase is made and paid for. This guarantees you won’t lose a sale, not even if your customer doesn’t end up making an upsell.

Our System Works with Nearly All Payment Processors

No matter which payment processor you work with, Infinitycrowds will be able to present upsell offers to your customers. The one-click upsell will only work, however, with a preferred payment processor (such as PayPal). Otherwise, the customer will have to go through a fast check-out process. In both cases, the added upsold item would be added to the original order. 

While Infinitycrowd’s default mode is to add the upsold item to the original order made by the customer and save shipping costs, you can always choose to open a new order, particularly if you dropship your products from separate suppliers.